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Bank of America Corporation

US_BAC (Bank of America Corporation)

BAC is American financial conglomerate rendering a wide range of financial services to private and legal entities. It is the largest bank holding company in the USA for the number of assets, which has 3 place among the largest world companies according to Forbes version. The company has almost 6000 bank departments in the USA and 300 in other countries, 288 000 employees and 16 500.
Bank of America Corporation through the associated companies provides various bank and financial products and services for separate subjects of slam and medium business, institutional investors, corporations and Government of the United States of America and foreign countries.
Consumer and Business banking is the segment of the company which provides traditional and saving accounts of currency market, CD (certificate of deposit) and IRA (Required Minimum Distributions), current accounts and investment accounts and products, as well as credit and debit cards; and crediting of associated products and services, working capital management and treasury operations. This segment provides the products and services through 5100 bank centers, 16 300 cashpoints, call-centers and online and mobile banking platforms. Segment Global Banking provides various commercial credits, leasing, financing of trade operations, real estate and credits on the security of assets and consumer credits; cash funds management, currency and short-term investment operations; underwriting, merging and other consulting services. Segment Global Banking provides trade of securities and derivatives at the primary and secondary markets; financing, securities clearing services, settlement and depository services for institutional investor clients; and products for risk management. Company has been established in 1974 and is located in Charlotte city, North Carolina state.
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