The JSC “Seven Rivers Capital” shall provide services of the trusted asset management – this service is intended for wide range of investors that are ready to entrust the management of their assets to professional portfolio managers. The operating principle of the Trust management is in transferring the client’s assets for the management of the portfolio manager without transferring the ownership right onto the transferred assets. The manager shall act exclusively on behalf of and for the benefit of the client in order to obtain profit.
The trusted asset management’s advantage for the clients is an opportunity for placing the temporary available funds without additional expenses and possibility to gain income.
The trusted asset management includes:

  • Acceptance of assets for trusted management, provision of their security and recoverability;
  • Development of optimum investment strategy that is individual for each Client;
  • Efficient risk control system;
  • Continuous monitoring of the financial markets’ environment;
  • Frequent reports to the clients regarding the investment portfolio condition;
  • Confidentiality of transactions made.